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The history and culture museum-reserve "Zaslaŭje"

Ancient settlement "Val"and earlier being kalvinsky cathedral

The ancient settlement history "Val",known also as zaslavskiy lock,begins at a bordary11-12 st.A ring fortress,constructed by Uladimir Svyatoslavovich,has been left,and in the territory

right-bank posad had constructed a new one,greater dzedinets Zaslavl. Archeologist Y.A. Zayac, who thorougly investigated age-old period of history of Zaslavl, had come to conclusion

that there were reasons of movements of the strengthened downtown on the territory of the posad. At first, gap between fortress(ancient settlement "Zamecek") and trade and craft posad had created certain unconveniences as in management and in safety of residents of the settlement. Secondly, after construction in 20 km from the city stronger dzedinets Mensk,

value of Zaslavl as border strengthening had decreased. Originally shafts,filled from sand,were height 3-3,5 m.

Their wooden slopes became stronger by clay and a stone , and on separate sites by wooden designs.

The ground of the ancient settlement had the form of the wrong quadrangle. During excavation the

remains of srubnykh structures were found on him dated 12-17 st.

After the fire in 1127, in connection with a campaign to Polotsk  the Kiev prince Mstislav Uladzimiravich,

dzedinets of the town had been quickly updated.  Nee wooden defensive walls have been constructed with zabarola (apertures for archery).

In the second half of 16-17st. there were considerable changes in the sphere of arms and defense. Firearms has got huge value. In turn it has caused essential improvement of defensive works.

The bastionny system of a fortification took roots in the territory of Belarus.

The most considerable evolution of the ancient settlement shaft “Val”- construction of the bastionny lock-had occurred at the end of the 16th century and had been put into practice by the owner of the city

 Yan Yanovich Glebovich. The castle area had been expanded to 1,5 hectares. Height of the shafts  had reached 8-9,5 m or about 15 m. if to consider from a ditch bottom. Two more semicircular bastions –

northern and western protected approach to entrance  muravany brama.