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The history and culture museum-reserve "Zaslaŭje"

Museum pillbox

The Minsk strengthened district was a part of a defensive zone of the western border districts, which

had been created  since the end of the 1920th years till 1940 on old border of the USSR. Main part of pillboxes -294 units –had been constructed in period since 1932 till 1934. The strengthened area began to the north Pleshenits  and passed through Zaslavl and Dzyarzinsk and for Stiankovo with the general extent on the front about 140 km. After transfer of border to the west in September of 1939 the majority of pillboxes had been preserved. Being in village fences of Zaslavl 7th battalion area of defence

covered the left flank of Molodechno direcrt and a joint with the  rakovskiy direction.

Forward border  12 km long and 5 km in depth passed near villages Chmelevka, Vyazanka, Varashili I Krilava, in some places in 2,5 km from frontier.