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The history and culture museum-reserve "Zaslaŭje"

The history of museum

ZASLAVL (ancient: Iziaslavĺ, later: Žaslavĺ, Žaslav, Zasław) is stretching amidst sun-cherished hills of Minsk upland – former marshlands of Svislač river - some 12 kms away from the Belarusian capital Minsk. It was first mentioned in chronicles in 1127 AD as a progressive town and the center of the regional kingdom. Analysis of the chronicle records, supported by the archeological evidences, convinced the historians of 985 AD as Zaslavl foundation year. Zaslavl antiquities speak to us from the old centuries through The History and Culture Museum-Reserve "Zaslavl". The museum was established in 1986 with the purposes to preserve, research, and promote greatest accomplishments of ancient Zaslavl. However, the range of activities is not limited by the above objectives. Advancement of intellectual, moral, and artistic potential of locals, development of national identity and partaking of the national and global cultural heritage are the ultimate goals. Therefore, the museum takes an active stand in contemporary culture life. Today "The History and Culture Museum-Reserve "Zaslavl" unites an intricate system of sites and territories, interconnected by history, theme and functions. It includes 113 hectares of the ancient town’s territory and the antiquities of international and national recognition, such as, “Zamecak” (10-11th  centuries, in chronicles: Iziaslavĺ ), citadel ramparts “Val” and former Calvinist Cathedral (11-17th  centuries, Zaslavl Castle), the Roman Catholic Church of Holy Mary’s Nativity (1779), remains of Przeździecki Palace (18th century). 

Museum Exhibition Center, Ethnographic Complex “The Mill”, Pillbox Museum, Children’s Museum of Myths and Forests welcome all types of visitors.