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The history and culture museum-reserve "Zaslaŭje"

Exhibition "Spring, hope, beauty.Fashion mid-20th century" From 13 may to 1 3 July .


The mid-20th century for the Soviet Union was complicated and at the same time one of the  most  stable and calm periods of history.

Republic had difficulty recovering after a bloody war. In many regions life is still the same heavy, as in 40 years: 

lacked basic necessities, had to work hard. But the mood of the people was joyful: the war with all its horrors ended. You can work and build 

plans for the future, to live a normal peaceful life.

Women dreamed about the light bright dresses, tired from military styles. While the industry is hardly rebuilt, private master sewed outfits for last 


Thanks to the development of international relations between the USSR and the capitalist countries in Soviet life enters information about Western consumer culture,

people get more opportunities to learn about new foreign fashion.

The exhibition "Spring, hope, beauty"presents garments made by tailors, shoes manufactured, bags, jewelry, photographs,

Internet copies of Soviet posters and advertisements of the period 1950-1960s

The exhibition consists of exhibits from its own collections of historical and cultural Museum-reserve "Zaslavl", and also of the things taken at the time of the exhibition the residents of Zaslavl and Minsk.

The exhibition is dedicated to the people who after the war carried out a feat of labor - raised the country from ruins, which in the difficult conditions lived, dreamed, hoped.

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