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The history and culture museum-reserve "Zaslaŭje"

Museum and Exhibition Center

Museum and Exhibition Center opened in the Culture and History Museum-Reservation “Zaslavl” after its reconstruction in 1992. Three exhibition halls display a wide spectrum of museum artifacts; two of the three halls host permanent exhibitions. The Tapestry Hall is situated on the first floor of the center. The visitors are fascinated by its grandeur. The tapestries were made at the Arts and Decorations Factory in Barysaŭ, in 1991-1992, by the illustrations of Jury Piskun and Olha Dziomkina. It is worth noting, that the Tapestry Hall is an exceptional exhibition. The three installations: “Rahnieda”, “Polacak Bells”, and “Prayer” are united by its oneness into a unique ensemble, captivating the visitor by the extraordinary charm, forms and details. In spite of the fact, that each author intended to illustrate a distinctive theme, the three ideas are harmoniously entwined into the legend about Rahnieda and Iziaslaŭ and their traces in the history of Zaslaŭje and the Polack Principality. Decoded in the images are the ancient philosophies of the tapestry artworks: Glory and Grandeur, Health and Power, Mercy and Magnanimity.

The permanent exhibition “Viachorki Music“ occupies the second floor. It   opened in 1992 and reveals the Belarusian country music culture. Traditional music instruments from all corners of Belarus are displayed here. Button diatonic accordions, violins, hammered dulcimer, fiddles, bagpipes, and tambourines were referred to by our ancestors as wedding instruments. Visitors can enjoy the recorded traditional music played by folklore musicians.

The third hall of the Museum and Exhibition Center is designated for temporary exhibitions.