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The history and culture museum-reserve "Zaslaŭje"

Roman Catholic Church of Holy Mary’s Nativity

The stone-made Catholich Church of Holy Mary’s Nativity was established in 1779  by Antoni Tadeusz Przeździecki (1718-1772), owner of Zaslaŭje county. The major construction of the church took place between 1760 (completion of the new owner’s paperwork by Antoni) and 1772 (year the magnate died in Warsaw).  According to his will, as of 1772, the church construction works were not completed. The responsibility to complete the place of worship was laid upon Antoni’s sons: Michał and Dominik. Italian architect and designer Carlo (or Giovanni Battista?) Spampani was hired by Antoni Przeździecki to direct the church decoration. The famous artists of the country– sculptor Karol Jelski and artist Franciszek Smuglewicz - were invited to complete the Zaslaŭje church. The main (western) facade dominates the church composition and is highly regarded for its unique deep space structure pattern by art experts as a valuable specimen of late Baroque architecture. Its central component completes the composition by incrassated bell tower, added during reconstruction in early 1990s. It should be noted, though, that the documents, showing the original completion of the church’s main facade have not been found. In 1863, the Church passed to the Russian Orthodox Church and was consecrated as the Church of Holy Mary’s Nativity. Shortly after that, the building was reconstructed into a church of Byzantine-Russian style. Thus, the front part of the fasade was completed with a bell tower, and the large dome was erected upon the nave.

The Church of Holy Mary’s Nativity existed until 1941, when it was massively damaged in the World War II bombings. In the beginning of 90th church was renovated and recently it is functioning sanctuary.